when you flawlessly rap that verse


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"Buy half-price lingerie and model it in your bedroom for yourself. Feel like you have a secret because you’re wearing black, see-through underwear while talking to your teacher about your next assignment. Glance at attractive strangers on public transportation. When they look back, hold their gaze for a few seconds. Smile. Get their number. Get off the train and never see them again, riding the high of your mutual minute of understanding. Accept more dinner invitations with people who spark your interest, romantically or not. Keep yourself busy with the things your relationship used to keep you from doing. Practice a hobby. Learn a new language and feel how good it is to say “goodbye” in a new way. Fuck yourself in the shower. Begin to appreciate sex in a way you couldn’t before. Sing along to pop songs without guilt. Buy yourself flowers to tuck behind your ear. Laugh easily. Let the ache hollow out more room for you to grow. When you catch your ex on the street six months later, smile when they tell you you’ve changed. Consider telling them you are a wildfire that burned over the places they touched. Consider reminding them you cannot know every space in someone by running your fingers over them. For a second, consider asking them to take you back and then laugh because you are no longer the same person they held. You are a wildfire and the world is made of brush. Go ahead and burn."

What To Do After A Break Up | Lora Mathis  (via eroseca)

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Never become a kpop fan because it is expensive and you cry a lot

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"Treat her like you’re still trying to win her, and that’s how you’ll never lose her."

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i want this framed and above my bed tbh

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Are these the three stages of sex?? 

Which stage is Pikachu?


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I want to start a supporting group “I’m still not over the fact that Kaulitz Twins have muscles” who is with me

I’m with you !!!! I wouldn’t believe that certain someone who would have told me that Bill is going to have muscles someday…

Apr 15 2014 11:32 am

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Tokio Hotel on Instagram! :D














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"The trouble is that, for women, being “nice” often translates into putting up with things we should never put up with. How many times has some creep sat uncomfortably close to me on the bus and stared me down, yet I’m too afraid to just get up and move, lest I offend him?

We smile when we’re harassed on the street or hit on by jerks. We laugh at sexist jokes. We learn that when we have strong opinions, we’ll be called bitches and that if we get angry, we’ll be called hysterical. When we say what we want, we’re called pushy or aggressive.

Part of learning “ladylike” behavior is about learning to smile politely when someone is being crude. Femininity has long been attached to passivity and to being docile. Men fight, women giggle and fume silently."

Women And Girls Don’t Need To Be Told To Be Nicer (via idioticteen)

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