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Jackson Wang in one sentence.

Anonymous Asked: How do u think Jackson would react when he sees u in a night club wearing a short tight dress dancing when some guy is grinding behind your back and all the while u make a eye contact with Jackson and holding it (u & Jackson r a couple bit had a fight/argument the day before). Can i request a scenario for this pllsss?



You continued to maintain eye contact with him. Your hips swayed to the beat of the blaring music, hands tangled in your hair sexily as you bit on your bottom lip. There was some random ass dude grinding behind you whose hands managed to find their way to your waist and although you particularly didn’t like it, you knew it was making Jackson even more furious by the second — which was exactly what you wanted.

You could keep the eye contact going, really. Hell, you could do this all night if you had to.


Jackson clenched his fists even tighter, so tight that his knuckles turned white as he watched you on the dance floor. He couldn’t believe that you were letting some drunkard touch you, places where only he could.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He rose from his seat and stormed over to you, prying the guy right off of you.

"Hey, what the he—"

"She’s with me," he spat, grabbing your wrist tightly to the point where it hurt and led you to an empty, dark corner of the club. He shoved you to the wall and caged you between his arms. "Just what the hell do you think you were doing over there?"

You gulped. ”I—”
He started to roughly kiss down your jawline and to your neck, finding your sensitive spot in record time. You could already feel a bruise starting to form as you held back a moan.

He brought his lips up to your ear. “You’re so bad,” he growled, nibbling on your earlobe. He pulled away, a dark smirk on his face. He used his thumb to lightly brush over the fresh bruise he left on your neck before bringing his lips up to your ear once more.

"I think I’ll have to teach you a lesson."

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I☆GOT7 ep 10 → Jackson moments

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Anonymous Asked: What types of kinks do you think Jackson would have?



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I just felt like this is was a necessary screenshot

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I just felt like this is was a necessary screenshot

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"I’m done with Jackson Wang."

Says me who will never be done with Jackson Wang (via yugyums)

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#wedding outfit ideas

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❝ They say hips don't lie. Mine would definitely use some company. ❞

Lame jokes aside, I need friends. Y’all know the drill, I ain’t gonna learn you anything. Here comes the best part of my introduction. No talking, just touching.

                            ▌▌ ▌▌  

you need to not

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I’m so attracted to Jackson’s stupidity. It’s like you can’t help but face palm yourself but at the same time you still wanna make out with him.

What’s with my body?

So this happened (‘A’)


Jackson + Dance practice.

What is this??


What is that?


Seriously what is this…


What kinda face is that?? He looks like a squirrel 


Can someone explain this? He looks like a retarded raptor 


Weird pose face ft. Yugyeom.


Weird face ft. Jr’s leggings… 


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